Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We are Looking for Java/J2EE Developers and a Technology Team Leader

If you're a talented programmer and/or team leader living in the NYC metro area looking to work for a cool up-and-coming company where the sky is the limit, we want to hear from you!

Required Experience:

  • at least 6 years Java development experience in a team environment
  • team leadership experience
  • experience with J2EE and either Servlets or JSPs, the more the better
  • developed at least one multi-tier application that connects to a relational DB using JDBC
  • experience using an IDE (ideally Eclipse, but IntelliJ or other is fine)
  • at least basic comfort working with HTML/CSS
  • comfortable working as a user on both Windows XP and at least one linux distribution or unix OS
  • 4-year computer science bachelors degree, or equivalent
  • experience using a source-code-control tool (CVS, SVN, etc.)
  • strong oral and written communication skills
  • experience with a widely-used relational database, and comfort writing SQL queries by hand (ideally MySQL, but PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server also ok)

Desired Experience (the more the better):

  • J2EE application servers (especially Tomcat, JBoss) and EJBs
  • core java (multi-threading, performance analysis/optimization, JVM configuration)
  • messaging systems and SOA architectures (TCP/IP-level protocols, web services)
  • design patterns for OO development
  • comfort with UML and/or ability to write and understand high-level software design documents
  • experience with the MVC architectural pattern and at least one Java-based MVC framework (Struts, Spring, etc.)
  • an object-data binding framework for Java (Hibernate, JDO, etc.)
  • sysadmin experience on a linux distribution or other unix OS
  • general networking experience
  • experience with production web application environments and web servers, especially Apache
  • javascript experience, particularly experience with AJAX toolkits
  • experience supporting a live web application in production

No recruiters - we already work with ones we want to work with. I repeat no recruiters or head-hunters etc. Only candidates should respond.

Please send a cover letter, resume and approximate desired salary to: careers@traveltripper.com

For more info on the company and the position, see the full job posting here:

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